Chinese Medical Healthcare Tele-diagnosis (CMH-TDS)

Take our unique but very safe TDS test to find out how much you know about your current state of health and wellbeing.

Based on the concepts of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), 24 non-invasive measurements on your Meridian Points will be taken and transmitted to the instrument. CMH-TDS uses Internet linked to a huge database in Beijing to assist this remote diagnosis and will produce an accurate and comprehensive report generally in 10 minutes to have paranormal discovery and rendering of the type and cause(s) of a particular patient’s illness/disease. You will have plenty of time to discuss these with our doctor and obtain an immediate course of action.


TCM believes there’s a distribution network, referred as Meridian System, through human body to nourish and energize organs by carrying and distributing the fundamental substances, i.e. Qi (pronounced chee, vital energy), blood and body fluids.  Its pathways make up a comprehensive yet body map with 12 big channels and collection of more than 400 meridian points, which refer to biological functions and not the anatomical structure. Examining on those important points will give us specific detection of unbalanced flow of substances and therefore explain why we become sick.


£65 per person per time.  Discounts are available for group check.

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